3-pack Refill Pens

$60.00 $40.00

Behold, the pens give you the ability to paint our revolutionary gel onto every section of your teeth guaranteeing an even whitening experience

  • 3 x 2 ml Pens
  • Easy to Apply
  • Sensitivity-Free
  • Whiter Teeth in 1 Use
  • 6+ Months of Gel
  • No Mess


The Supreme Gel Whitening refill kit comes with everything you need for a long-lasting brilliant smile. It contains 3 pens with enamel-safe professional grade gel so that you can continue your whitening routine.


To use, twist teeth whitening pen until the gel flows to the brush. Apply teeth whitening gel evenly on your teeth and use LED light for faster, more effective results.


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Weight 2.3 oz